January News

Happy New Year to ALL Porters Landing residents. Below you will find what's on tap for 2018.

Scheduled B.O.D Meeting For 2018
Board of Director meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7-8pm at The Hangar Clubhouse. 
Residents are encouraged to join the open meetings to learn more about what's happening in the community or simply to share idea's. 
Listed below are the meeting dates so anyone interested can attend:
January 16th
February 20th
March 10th-Annual Homeowners Meeting
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th
July 17th
August 21st
September 18th
October 16th
November 20th
December 18th

Save The Date- 2018 Annual Homeowners Meeting: Saturday, March 10th at the Hangar Clubhouse
Please join us at the Clubhouse for our Annual Homeowners Meeting. Registration will begin at 8:15am and meeting to start promptly at 9am. Coffee and breakfast items will be served. There will be neighborhood related updates as well as Committee updates.
There are 3 Board Of Director seats up for election. If YOU would like to put your name in the running, please send your request to our AMG representative Dacy Cavicchia at dcavicchia@amgworld.comPlease be prepared to introduce yourself at the meeting and tell us a little something about yourself so fellow residents can know more about you.

1. Tell us about yourself and why you would like to serve on the HOA Board of Directors.

2. How do you think that your employment, extra-curricular hobbies, parenting, or other experience could help the Board remain or even improve on its community management, interaction with residents and volunteer recruitment efforts?
If you can NOT make the meeting, please give your proxy to a Board of Director Member or trusted neighbor so your vote counts. In previous years we have had issues with NOT having enough proxies to vote, therefore having to go door to door the morning of the meeting. PLEASE, to avoid this happening, PLEASE give your proxy to a Board Member OR trusted neighbor to vote on your behalf.
PLEASE NOTE: In order for your vote to count, you MUST Be current on your homeowners dues. This is ALSO the case with Pool /Clubhouse privileges. In order to use the Pool/Clubhouse, you must be current. There will be a representative from AMG at our meeting if you would like to bring a check to them that day to correct any late payments.

Please arrive as early as possible so to get signed in and ready for a 9am start time. See you then!!

Annual Dues-January Payment
Just a friendly reminder that our bi-annual dues are due in January/July. If you have any questions regarding the dues or your account information, please contact our AMG Management Company rep Dacy Cavicchia at dcavicchia@amgworld.com or 
(704) 897-8788.
Send payments by mail (with your bill or coupon) to:
Payable to Your Association’s Name (Porters Landing) 
C/O Association Management Group
P. O. Box 52984 
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2984

Please print account number on your check. Payments should not be sent or delivered to local AMG offices.
Information about online payment options here: 

Committee Help Needed
As always, what makes this community a GREAT one is our dedicated volunteers!! We are always in need of more help with ALL of our committee's. Not only does it bring our community together BUT it keeps our $$ cost $$ down from having to hire outside contractors. If you can volunteer your time or idea's in 2018, please contact the committee's below. We THANK YOU in advance!!

The Architectural Committee- If you are interested in learning more about this committee and can help out, please contact Kyle Martin, aka “Batman” at architecturalcommittee@porterslanding.org

The Social Committee is in need of new idea's and committee members. If you're interested, please contact Myleen Sweet at socialcommittee@porterslanding.org

The Landscape Committee is in need of committee members. If you're interested, please contact Carm Montante at landscapingcommittee@porterslanding.org

The Clubhouse Committee is in need of committee members. If you're interested, please contact Ines Aranguren at clubhousecommittee@porterslanding.org

The Pool Committee is in need of committee members. If you're interested, please contact Steve Cook at 

And finally, the Welcome Committee is in need of committee members. If you're interested, please contact Joni Johnson at welcomecommittee@porterslanding.org

2018 Porters Landing Social Committee Events
If you would like to see the Social Committee continue to plan and execute successful events, PLEASE consider donating your time by joining the Social Committee as an ACTIVE member. This committee is always in need of volunteers to help out. Whether it's to plan an event, stuff Easter eggs, help set up/break down, etc.... 
If the volunteerism isn't available, unfortunately the events will not happen. 
To join this FUN committee and learn more about what they need, please contact the Social Committee Chair Myleen Sweet at (704) 497-0253 or email her at myleen.sweet@gmail.com. ANY help and new idea's are welcome AND appreciated. 
Once the events calendar is set, click here to view 2018 events: http://porterslanding.org/Community-Events.php

Clubhouse Committee Needs YOU
Sunday, January 7th at 3:00pm they will be "UN-decorating" the clubhouse and packing away the Christmas decor. If you can lend a hand, please come by at that time. The more helpers, the quicker and easier it will be. Thank you in advance.

Lets Light Up Our Neighborhood
The Cabarrus County Sheriffs Dept and Board of Directors would like to encourage residents to light up their lamp posts. To prevent crimes of opportunities with packages being left outside, we are encouraging neighbors to either re-ignite their gas lamps OR convert them over to electric using the Charm Lite conversion kits. 
They can be ordered here at http://www.charm-lite.com/.
Brad Foster at Fosters Electric has done some conversions in our neighborhood before and is happy to give an estimate to do yours. He can be reached at (980) 223-3619

A Note From Dave Parkinson (our BOD Vice President)
I see after reading the October 2017 PL Newsletter, we have a number of new families in the community. Welcome to all of you. I want to let you know that I maintain a master email distribution list for any residents who are "hit and miss" with Facebook, but would like to be notified by email of important Porters Landing news. We currently have 172 residents on the email list, and I'd be glad to add any new (or existing) residents to the list. Please send your email address to dparkinson@carolina.rr.com if you'd like me to add you to our list. Many thanks. PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE OTHER THAN TO NOTIFY YOU OF IMPORTANT NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS.

Community Vegetable Garden
Did you know we have a community garden? It's located near the pool and volleyball court and in past years has provided families with fresh fruits and veggies throughout the year. Lately it has been struggling and in need of some TLC. A few folks have committed to revitalizing the garden and are asking that anyone interested in planting and maintaining this garden (come Spring time) to contact the Landscape Committee. Unfortunately if there's no volunteers, there will be no garden and it will be dismantled. If you have a green thumb and would like to help out, please contact Anna Dollar or Carm Montante at landscapecommittee@porterslanding.org.


Misc News

Are You New To The Neighborhood??
Please contact the Welcome Committee at welcomecommittee@porterslanding.org to arrange a convenient time for us to stop by to meet you and give you a welcome gift. If you like, we’ll introduce you in the next Porter’s Landing Newsletter and your name and phone number will be added to a future neighborhood directory.

Volunteer of the Quarter
We are always looking for nominations for "Volunteer of the Quarter".  The "Volunteer of the Quarter Form" is a way of recognizing someone who goes above and beyond in helping to make Porters Landing a better place to live. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to nominate any person of their choice. If you would like to nominate someone, please download this form, fill it out and submit to ANY Board Member. You can also bring it to the monthly BOD meeting and give it to them there. Board of Director meetings are always the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the Clubhouse.

Charm Lite Conversion Kits 
Lamp Posts - Residents may have noticed the electric lampposts at several homes in the neighborhood. The lamps have been converted from gas to electric using the Charm Lite conversion kit. The kit is available through  http://www.charm-lite.com/.  Monthly saving changing from gas to electric have been on average $20.00 per month!

Attention Facebook Addicts 
We have a Porters Landing Residents group on Facebook!! Its a great way to meet new and "not so new" neighbors and friends!! To join, you must be a current resident. Come check us out at "Porters Landing Residents". 
Cabarrus County Neighborhood Officer
Deputy Wendy McGuire is our temporary assigned officer. If you have any questions or concerns, please call her at (704) 920-3048. For non emergency calls, call (704) 920-3000.