July News

AMG Management New Rep
Our AMG rep Cassie Kutay has moved into another position and we are excited to announce that Dacy Flynt, whom you all may know from being at our annual meetings, is NOW assigned to our community. 
Just a friendly reminder that our bi-annual dues will be due soon (July). If you have any questions regarding the dues or your account information, please call Dacy at:
(704) 897-8788
Send payments by mail (with your bill or coupon) to:
Payable to Your Association’s Name 
C/O Association Management Group
Post Office Box 531242
Atlanta, GA 30353
Please print account number on your check. Payments should not be sent or delivered to local AMG offices.

Information about online payment options here: 

Fourth of July Parade
Meet your friends and neighbors on Saturday July 4th, 8:45 AM at the corner of Piper Ct. and McCamie Hill for our annual Independence Day Parade with our Flowes Store Fire Department. Make sure to dress yourself, bikes, wagons and even the family pet in red, white and blue to show your American pride. We will march on down to the Crossroads cul-de-sac where the kids will get "hosed" and ice pops will be provided for all. Don't forget your towel!!
Donations greatly appreciated for our volunteer firemen in the form of water and/or Gatorade. Lets help show our support and pride for those men and women who keep us safe!! Donations can be brought day of OR dropped of at the Pressley household, 11141 McCamie Hills Place, corner house on McCamie/Piper. Please drop off water/Gatorade in front of the single car garage to the left.
Thank You from the Social Committee!!

International Festival Saturday July 25th
International Festival for Porter's Landing will be held on Saturday July 25th from 2pm-6pm if we have food samples and entertainment, crafts, or games. 4pm-6pm if it's just samples of International foods

This will be at The Hangar Clubhouse (inside/outside if needed)

Please contact our Social Committee Chair if you're interested in participating to make this an event to remember. I think it will be a great opportunity to get to know our neighbors better. We all may have a country that is special to us, where we have unique traditions or favorite recipes that others may have never been exposed to or tried. This is a great way to celebrate and learn about each others' heritage or even a country that we have visited or studied in school. Participants can be individuals, couples, friends, or whole families working together. 
Paper products for the samples and drinks will be provided.
For more discussion, please call Myleen at (704) 497-0253 or email myleen.sweet@gmail.com. Please put International Festival in the subject line.

Next BOD Meeting July 21st
Board of Director Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7-8pm at the Hangar Clubhouse. Residents are encouraged to join the open meetings to learn more about what's happening in the community or simply share idea's.

June News

Pool News

Our pool is owned and maintained, at great cost, by each of the homeowners within the Porter’s Landing community, and no homeowner should ever feel the need to stop using their community pool due to the behavior of any other homeowner or that homeowner’s guests. Please review the pool rules and pay very close attention to those which involve age, supervision, and guest policies. http://porterslanding.org/Pool.php

A No Smoking policy has been in effect since 2014 and as always NO RUNNING, DIVING, SKATEBOARDING or BIKES allowed in pool area.

We do not employ a daily cleaning service at the pool, so we ask that you PLEASE clean up after yourself, dispose of any trash and PLEASE CLOSE THE UMBRELLA'S BEFORE YOU LEAVE. As a courtesy to the neighborhood and to prevent spending more and more money for replacement furniture, if you see an umbrella still open at sundown, please close it. The pool hasn't even been open 2 weeks and already an umbrella is broken and furniture was broken. Unfortunately that eats up the money YOU pay for dues to replace these items. Normal wear and tear is to be expected but destructive behavior is unacceptable.

To protect the rights of all of us, pool abuses will not be tolerated. For a safe, secure, and truly enjoyable summer pool season for every Porter’s Landing home, we appreciate everyone's help with adhering to the pool rules. With your help, this can be a GREAT season at the pool and we hope that each of you will come out and enjoy this wonderful part of our shared community.

Community Blood Drive June 20th
Casey Sussman is taking a appointment times for our June 20th blood drive with Community Blood Center of the Carolinas. Please email her at casey.sussman@gmail.com or call (704) 785-4095 to let her know what time slot you'd like! Blood drive is at our Clubhouse, The Hangar, June 20th 9:30-1:00.
Did you know our donations will save local lives? One of the hospitals that will be using our blood, is the Levine Children's Hospital. There is a shortage of blood and every blood type is needed. The shortage is so critical that hospitals have to go outside our area to get donations.
For those that are undecided, eat a big greasy meal the night before, eat a big Bojangles breakfast the morning of and your stomach will be fine! It's painless, quick, and you'll be saving a local life. Please contact her to sign up.

Clubhouse Painting Party
We need a few folks to donate time to help paint the interior of the Clubhouse. Hallways, bathrooms, storage room. Date still to be determined BUT if you are willing and able to help, please contact Tracey Himes at (704) 661-2901 or at clubhousecommittee @porterslanding.org.

Summer Activity
Along with warm, longer days and relaxing nights comes more criminal activity. Statistics show that crime increases this time of year. Please be mindful to remove valuables from your car, lock car doors and remember to close your garage doors. Don't be a victim of crime!!


May News

Pool News
Pool Cleanup Day on Saturday, May 2nd at 8:30 am. Any and all help welcome!!
As per our King of Chlorine, Dan Johnson, the Pool liner is complete, new pool accessories have arrived and we are slated for opening on May 9th!!! 
Please note, to prevent wet sunscreen/chemicals from getting in the pool (as well as being mindful to those sensitive to sunscreen spray) please follow manufacturer's recommendations and apply your sunscreen at home, prior to arriving and/or away from the pool itself. The chemicals in sunscreen can pretty potent therefore lingering in the water. As always, please refresh yourself with the "Pool Rules" located on the Pool page. http://porterslanding.org/Pool.php

Clubhouse Cleanup Day- Saturday, May 16th 10am-1pm
Porters Landing Residents, If you've EVER rented or used the CLUBHOUSE or just realize what an incredible asset it is to our community, please pitch in! ON SATURDAY, MAY 16TH, Mark Your Calendars!! We'll be scrubbing tables and chairs (need kids to help with hoses outside) and installing some shelving (need strong men or big boys with tools) and cleaning the storage areas (need anyone willing) and organizing the holiday boxes and every item in storage (need new plastic bins, if anyone has some to donate).
PLEASE contact Tracy Himes at clubhousecommittee@porterslanding.org if you're willing and able to help! Thank you.

Poop News
It's that time of year again when folks are outside, enjoying the warmer weather and walking their dogs. For those taking Rover out for a walk, PLEASE be respectful of the neighborhood and other residents and PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS!! Please bring a baggy or scooper and dispose of the waste in the Pool garbage cans OR your own. 


April News

Board of Directors Positions
Board have remained the same.
President- Owen Parker
Vice President- Todd Sussman
Secretary- Ron Bates
Treasurer-Eric Hien
Members- Rocky Nance, David Gorlesky, Kathie Berger

Poop News
It's that time of year again when folks are outside, enjoying the warmer weather and walking their dogs. For those taking Rover out for a walk, PLEASE be respectful of the neighborhood and other residents and PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS!! Please bring a baggy or scooper and dispose of the waste in the Pool garbage cans OR your own. 

Playground Equipment
To instill longevity and maintain our new investment, please refrain from skateboarding down the slide and keep the swings to a 1 person at a time use, 12 years and under.
Landscape Committee
We are THRILLED to announce that (former board member) Deb Rowan has agreed to step up and be the Chairperson for the Landscape Committee!! We thank her for ALL her dedication and volunteerism to this neighborhood!! She will be in need of members to help out with various projects, so if you're interested in becoming a member on the Landscape Committee, please contact her at debrow@windstream.net.

Community Road Cleanup Day
Save the date. Saturday, April 4th. We will be doing the road clean up. Please plan on meeting at the pool at 10:30 am.
Porter's Landing Spring Festival- April 12th 3-5pm

Join us By the Pool for Free Family Fun Egg Hunt for ages 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 at 3:15. 
Relay Races/Prizes at 4:00. 
Face Painting
Balloon animals
Yard Games "Cornhole, Bocce, Spikeball..."
Bring $1/Throw a pie!
Lemonade, Water, Popcorn, Goodies
(RAIN DATE: Sunday, April 19th 3-5 pm)


March News

2015 Annual Meeting Recap
Another year has come and gone and we have a LOT to show for 2014!! 
100% of our streets are now turned over to the state. A HUGE Thank You to the Board of Directors for accomplishing that daunting task!!
Annual dues remained the same.
Financially we are in good shape with a budget surplus.
New playground was installed.
New sand and irrigation at and near Volleyball area.
New Landscaping company was hired.
Pool updates were made AND continued upgrades planned. In fact, new pool liner is being done as we speak.
Plans for 2015
Repairs to the interior and exterior of Clubhouse.
Pool parking lot replacement.
Chartwell drainage concerns.

New Board of Directors
There were 3 seats up for election. Rocky Nance, Eric Hien and Deb Rowan. 
Rocky and Eric chose to rerun for the Board and a big THANK YOU to Deb Rowan for all your hard work and dedication to the Board of Directors for the last 2.5 years!!! 
Reelected for another term was Rocky Nance, Eric Hien and newly elected to the Board is Kathie Berger. Board positions will be announced after the next monthly meeting, April 21st.

Pool opening date is slated for May 9th pending pool liner completion. Please note, in order to use the pool (and clubhouse) you MUST be current on your annual dues. To make your account current, please contact our management company AMG. Dan Johnson (our Commissioner of Chlorine) asks that everyone please review the Pool Rules prior to pool opening. Pool Rules can be found in the Pool section of the website. A NO SMOKING rule was instituted in 2014 so please be advised of the change.

Neighborhood Directory
Diane Zima is making the final touches to the directories. They should be delivered within the next couple weeks.

As mentioned before, this neighborhood and committee's are solely run on volunteerism and we thank ALL those who have stepped up currently AND in years prior to help make our neighborhood what it is!! WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!! Please, if you have time to spare or an area of expertise in which you feel you can make a difference, PLEASE consider volunteering. We need help in ALL Committee's, Social, Pool, Landscape, Clubhouse and Architectural. Please contact that committee chairperson if you can help. Contact information for each committee is located on our website www.porterslanding.org OR in the Newsletters.
Annual Homeowners Meeting Saturday March 21st

Please join us at the Clubhouse for our Annual Homeowners Meeting. Registration will begin at 8:15am and meeting to start promptly at 9am. Coffee and breakfast items will be served. There will be neighborhood related updates as well as Committee updates.
If you can NOT make the meeting, please give your proxy to a Board of Director Member or trusted neighbor so your vote counts. In previous years we have had issues with NOT having enough proxies to vote, therefore having to go door to door the morning of the meeting. PLEASE, to avoid this happening, PLEASE give your proxy to a Board Member OR trusted neighbor to vote on your behalf.
PLEASE NOTE: In order for your vote to count, you MUST Be current on your homeowners dues. This is ALSO the case with Pool /Clubhouse privileges. In order to use the Pool/Clubhouse, you must be current. There will be a representative from AMG at our meeting if you would like to bring a check to them that day to correct any late payments.
There are 3 Board Of Director seats up for reelection and some plan NOT to rerun. If YOU would like to put your name in the running, please send your request to the Board of Directors at boardofdirectors@porterslanding.org. Please be prepared to introduce yourself at the meeting and tell us a little something about yourself so fellow residents can know more about you.

1. Tell us about yourself and why you would like to serve on the HOA Board of Directors.

2. How do you think that your employment, extra-curricular hobbies, parenting, or other experience could help the Board remain or even improve on its community management, interaction with residents and volunteer recruitment efforts?
Please arrive as early as possible so to get signed in and ready for a 9am start time. See you then!!


February News

Board of Director Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7-8pm at the Hangar Clubhouse. Residents are encouraged to join the open meetings to learn more about what's happening in the community or simply share idea's.

WEEKEND WIND DOWN Saturday February 21st 10am-11am

WANTED: Ladies who want to come to the clubhouse for a relaxing hour from the week of working, kids and stresses.

WHAT TO BRING: a yoga mat. 

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Maria Craig from Curves, will be preparing us and then leading us for 30 minutes of stretching and help us think about the well being of our minds and bodies as we listen to relaxing music. Join us for a cup of tea or a water bottle as you arrive and/or after we finish.

Feel free to arrive as soon as 9:30 and stay until 11:30 if you desire to visit over a variety of caffeinated and herbal teas.

DOOR PRIZE: Will be announced at 10:05.

QUESTIONS: Social Committee leader myleen.sweet@gmail.com or (704)497-0253 text or leave a message with a name please
RSVP: If you want, but not necessary.

Annual Dues
Just a reminder that our bi-annual dues are now past due. 
Dues can be mailed to:
PO Box 531242
Atlanta, GA 30353
If you have any questions regarding the dues or your account information, please call 
(704) 897-8788 


January News

Happy New Year to ALL!! 
Just a reminder that letters have gone out and our bi-annual dues are due. 
Dues can be mailed to:
PO Box 531242
Atlanta, GA 30353-1242
If you have any questions regarding the dues or your account information, please call
(704) 889-7500 

Interesting Article
Speaking of Homeowner Associations. Interesting article from the Charlotte Observer about the subject.http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/12/06/5361779/boards-need-to-keep-reserve-budgets.html#.VL_RaNLF9ae

Introducing our NEW Social Committee Chairperson, Myleen Sweet
Myleen has stepped up to head the Social Committee (THANK YOU!!) and will be in need of some Committee Members to help her out. If you would like to help, please e mail her at myleen.sweet@gmail.com or call her at (704) 497-0253. If you e mail her, please put "Social Committee" in the subject line so she can find it easily.

Help Needed
As we reflect back on all that had been accomplished here in 2014, between social events, pool renovations, playground upgrade, roads being turned over to the State, successful fundraisers, etc....ALL of which is accomplished and spearheaded by VOLUNTEERISM. This community is hugely run by volunteers who dedicate their time, energy, expertise and love for the community. THANK YOU to ALL the volunteers, past, present and future for what you have done in Porters Landing!!! 
Having said that, we are in need of help for 2015 and unfortunately if we don't get the volunteer help, we may have to dissolve committees and/or pay outsiders to do some of the work needed and in turn that means our dues go up. PLEASE consider volunteering your time so we can keep this neighborhood the beautiful, family friendly community that it is. Below listed are the areas of help needed for 2015:

Pool Committee- Committee Members Needed. If you are interested in helping out and would like to know more about what the Pool Committee does, please contact 
Social Committee- Committee Members needed. If you like to help out, share idea's, plan parties and just have FUN, come join the Social Committee!! No prior experience needed, just a desire to have a good time!! Please contact Myleen Sweet at socialcommittee@porterslanding.org.

Landscape Committee- Committee Members needed. If you are interested in heading up or helping out and would like to know more about what the Landscape Committee does, please contact Deb Rowan at landscapingcommittee@porterslanding.org.
Architectural Committee- Committee Members needed. If you are interested in helping out and would like to know more about what the Architectural committee does, please contact David Gorlesky at architecturalcommittee@porterslanding.org.

Scheduled B.O.D Meeting For 2015
Board of Director meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7-8pm at The Hangar Clubhouse. 
Residents are encouraged to join the open meetings to learn more about what's happening in the community or simply to share idea's. 
Listed below are the meeting dates so anyone interested can attend.
July 21st
August 18th
September 15th
October 20th
November 17th
December 15th

Are You New To The Neighborhood??
Please contact the Welcome Committee at welcomecommittee@porterslanding.org to arrange a convenient time for us to stop by to meet you and give you a welcome gift. If you like, we’ll introduce you in the next Porter’s Landing Newsletter and your name and phone number will be added to a future neighborhood directory.


Misc News

Volunteer of the Quarter
We are always looking for nominations for "Volunteer of the Quarter".  The "Volunteer of the Quarter Form" is a way of recognizing someone who goes above and beyond in helping to make Porters Landing a better place to live. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to nominate any person of their choice. If you would like to nominate someone, please download this form, fill it out and submit to ANY Board Member. You can also bring it to the monthly BOD meeting and give it to them there. Board of Director meetings are always the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the Clubhouse.

Charm Lite Conversion Kits 
Lamp Posts - Residents may have noticed the electric lampposts at several homes in the neighborhood. The lamps have been converted from gas to electric using the Charm Lite conversion kit. The kit is available through  http://www.charm-lite.com/. The Landscaping Committee is currently taking count of people who are interested in ordering this wonderful conversion kit to help beautify our community. The more we order the better price we can get per kit. Please let The Landscaping Committee know if you are interested. Monthly saving changing from gas to electric have been on average $20.00 per month!!!

Attention Facebook Addicts 
We have a Porters Landing Residents group on Facebook!! Its a great way to meet new and "not so new" neighbors and friends!! To join, you must be a resident. Come check us out at "Porters Landing Residents"!!

Cabarrus County Officer assigned to our community
Please note the officer assigned to our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please call:
Deputy Chad Sloop
(704) 920-3046 direct line
(704) 920-3000 non emergency line